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Famous Tourist Spots in Jehanabad

Jehanabad may not be amongst the most sought after tourist destinations of our country, but surprisingly it does boost quite a few unique places. This includes world’s oldest surviving rock-cut caves and a Sufi daragh that was first in the entire India to be dedicated to a woman saint. And besides these, there is quite a bit more to Jehanabad tourism profile. Below is a brief lowdown on all the famous tourist destinations of Jehanabad district.

Barabar Caves in Jehanabad

Barabar hills is unarguably the most sought after tourist destination of Jehanabad district. It is home to world’s oldest surviving caves. Being a rare historical site, it today has become an international tourist destination and attracts fair number of foreign tourists every year. It is located near Makhdumpur village of Jehanabad district.

Famous Tourist Spots in Jehanabad

These oldest surviving caves date back to days of King Ashoka, who was one of the greatest kings from the ancient Mauryan Empire. There are enough inscriptions around these caves that clearly suggest that it was King Ashoka who had given instructions to build these caves, which were to be used as monasteries by Jain monks. While for thousands of years these caves definitely remained as religious centers for innumerable Jain monks, but there are historical records to prove that even Gautama Buddha had meditated in these caves. And besides all these engrossing historical facts, there is another specialty about these caves which is indeed very unique. It is the special echo effect feature; which means that any sound made here last for as long as 3 minutes. Click here

Shidheshwar Nath Temple

This famous Lord Shiva temple is located at one of the highest hill peaks of Barabar hills. Devotees have to climb at least 300 foot steps to reach the temple at peak. Although the journey is little arduous, but it is definitely worth it for all the scenic view of mountain ranges that you get to see while climbing. Besides, authorities have also made arrangements of seats for relaxation on the way, where you can take a rest whenever you’re too tired. The temple at the peak is though pretty simple and unassuming. Nonetheless, visiting this temple is more about the arduous experience of climbing to the peak and enjoying the satisfaction of fulfilling this arduous challenge.

Famous place in Jehanabad

Kauva Dol Hill

This is another rare historical site located in Jehanabad district. It is located just 6 kms away from Barabar Caves. It is famous for its black 8 ft statue of Gautama Buddha. This Buddha statue is probably the largest Buddha statue in entire Jehanabad district. Besides, here you’ll also find beautiful cravings of Hindu goddesses on the foothill. And to top it everything, there is immense lush greenery in the surrounding which definitely helps this place in making beautiful picnic spot. Apart from the mentioned few there are lot many places to visit near Jehanabad. No doubt Jehanabad though a small part in Bihar still counts amongst the most popular region.

Kauva Dol Hill  near JehanabadApart from its scenic nartual beauty there are lot more things to do in this part. From undertalking adventure trip to sightseeing you can enjoy all within the budget. You can also travel to beautiful temples in the region to seek the blessings of the holy deity.
  • Sun Temple at Kako – Kako Village – 0.6 K.M. From Jehanabad Station
  • Sun Temple at Bhelawar – Kako Village - 11 K.M. From Jehanabad
  • Shidheshwar Nath Temple at Brabar Hill – Makhdumpur - 12 K.M. from Makhdumpur Block
  • Sun Temple at Meera Bigha – Makhdumpur
  • Vishnu Temple at Keur – Hulasganj
  • Sun Temple/Kali Temple at Murgawan – Hulasganj
  • Lord Vishnu Temple at Dabthu – Hulasganj
  • Lord Vishnu Temple at Zaru – Hulasganj
  • Ghejan – Ratni - 19 K.M. form Jehanabad

Hazrat Bibi Kamal Ka Mukbara

Located in the small village of Kako, this Sufi dargah is unlike any other found in India. Since this was the first dargah in entire India that was dedicated to a woman saint. Hazrat Bibi Kamal during her lifetime was known for her healing power, which had made her immensely famous amongst local people of Kako village. After her death, she was buried at this very place, which was later transformed into a small dargah.This dargah though is very small & highly unassuming and moreover it is not that famous amongst tourists too. Nonetheless, it has its own charm and a unique distinction that does this small dargah pretty special.

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