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Food in Jehanabad

Being part of Bihar, the foods culture of Jehanabad have essence of typical Bihari cuisine that are extremely popular. Jehanabad cuisine is just like the typical north Indian cuisine that are predominately made of spices. Basically, the food that you will get in Jehanabad will be little spicy yet subtly simpler. Below is brief information on what all kind of food is eaten and relished in Jehanabad in terms of basic staple, sweet dish, street food etc.

Basic Staple of Jehanabad People

Traditional thali of Jehanabad comprises of typical roti, dal, rice and varieties of sabzis (vegetables) that make up the basic staple/everyday food of people in Jehanabad. Rajma, Palak panner, Alu mutter, Dum aloo, Gobi aloo, Aloo Methi etc. are much favored in Jehanabad. Also here we’d like to make special mention of dishes like Kadhi Bari and Dhuska. These are popular Bihari dishes which are very popular in Jehanabad too. Kadhi Bari is a soft dumping made of besan & yogurt and Dhuska is a mixture of rice and Ghee. Both these items are usually eaten with rice.

Cuisines of Jehanabad

Another very important thing about Jehanabad’s food is that it has a very earthy fragrance to it. This is mainly because Jehanabad is mainly agricultural area and food is cooked with fresh cereals and pulses that are directly brought from the farm land. This only means that food here is far tastier and delicious than the food in urban cities, which are actually made of adulterated food grains.

Non Vegetarian Cuisines in Jehanabad

Although most of the residents of Jehanabad are vegetarian, but non vegetarian cuisine especially fish items has its own place in people’s basic staple here. The popularity of fish items in Bihar is surely to do with the fact that it is home to many rivers and tributaries, which has helped in making fishes an important part of local cuisine here. Prawns, Kela machali, Hilsa rae very much liked in Jehanabad. Besides seafood, here people also relish traditional non veg cuisines like Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani and Kebab.

Popularity of Dairy Products in Jehanabad

Dairy products are immensely popular all throughout Bihar including in Jehanabad district. Dahi (yogurt), lassi, buttermilk and butter are consumed in huge quantity here. Here buttermilk and lassi are mainly treated as deserts and are relished mainly after lunch or dinner.

Sweet Dishes in Jehanabad

Everybody loves sweet dishes and people in Jehanabad are also no exception in this case. Thekua (also known as Khajur) is immensely popular sweet dish here, which is actually traditional bihari sweet dish. It is mainly made with wheat flour, chasni (melted sugar) and ghee. Here it is mainly treated as snacks and also as sacred prasad during auspicious Chhath Puja. Besides traditional sweet dishes like Rabri/Basundi, Kheer, Gulab Jamun, Malpua, Churma are also famous in Jehanabad.

Popular Snack Dishes of Jehanabad

Litti Chokha is one of the most popular snack dishes in Jehanabad. It’s a dish that is mainly unique to Bihar and Jharkhand state. Litti Chokha is a small ball shaped dish and is mainly made with wheat flour. It is usually eaten with Brinjal bharta and Mashed potato.Besides, traditional Indian snack dishes like chai, samosa, kachori and Bhaji are immensely popular here too.

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